Keyon Solar Energy - Utility

KeyOn Solar Energy Inc. has developed an extensive network of associates, both in the region and globally, placing KeyOn Solar Energy in a position of strength. With almost limitless access to leading solar energy service providers, consultants, contractors and financial service providers, we have developed strategic relationships with many governments globally.

KeyOn Solar Energy is a boutique-styled firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada, providing integrated energy solutions specializing in solar energy. We provide state of art solar system design, financing, installation, maintenance and monitoring services from a single source.

KeyOn Solar Energy normally begins its projects by identifying prime profitable projects, creating a custom concept design tailored to the location and based on an in-depth needs analysis of the community. The viability of the project is determined by conducting a detailed financial analysis and feasibility study. Keyon Solar Energy prepares architectural drawings, appoints and supervises specialist consultants and contractors, while managing all aspects of marketing and sales.

We understand that the environmental impact of energy production is one of the greatest challenges that our planet will face in the near future. We are committed to doing our part to alleviate this impact in a sustainable and economical manner.

The goal at Keyon Solar Energy is to create unlimited opportunities and value through considered, measured and scientific methodologies for the development of sustainable urban solar plant ecosystems and individual solar developments. The outcome of our work is highly measured and creates unlimited value opportunities.