Keyon Solar Energy is one of the leading solar systems installer. We specialize in micro-FIT and large scale PV projects for commercial and utility clients worldwide.  Keyon Solar Energy manages the entire lifecycle of a project including consultation, evaluation, financing, design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Keyon Solar Energy provides the following tailor made services to every aspect of a client's solar installation, from inception to commissioning:

Initial Solar assessment

Preliminary design, reviewing the financial benefits and return-on-investment (ROI)

Solar Incentives

Solar Incentives: Government programs (national, regional and local), and environmental benefits

Roof structure inspection

Roof Structure Inspection: Our certified structural engineers will analyze the roof and building structure to ensure a safe and viable installation

System Design and Engineering

System Design and Engineering: Our custom mounting systems include penetrating roof mount, non-penetrating roof mount, ground-mount tracker, ground-mount fixed, ground-mount ballasts and carports


Keyon Solar Energy is supplied by the most reputable vendors in the industry, ensuring excellent quality and value, with long-term reliable warranties

Project Management

Our experienced team of engineers are involved throughout the process


Our experienced team of  installers are all certified and qualified

Operation Training

Once the switch has been flipped and electricity has begun to flow, Keyon Solar Energy will provide training and maintenance for a full year, ensuring the transition of the power plant operations and management is smooth and seamless


Our arrays are maintained by our team for several years (HOW MANY) post installation


Our finance team is available, should you require assistance, information or support